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Energy Service
That Adds Value

One size does not fit all. In today’s volatile environment, it’s important to select an energy product that aligns with your budget and complements your usage patterns. 

We take pride in offering client-centric services with a team of experts available to you 24/7. 

Five Step Approach to Integrated Energy Strategies

1) Measure 

Gain insight on energy usage patterns, demand, and benchmarking opportunities  

2) Risk Assessment & Budget Goals

The key to making a cost-effective decision is to consider your risk tolerance, unique load profile, and budget goals 

3) Minimize Consumption

Maximize energy efficiency, while reducing consumption through technology 

4) Energy Procurement 

Choose the product that is right for you. FIXED for price predictability, INDEXED for flexibility, and MANAGED for structure 

5) Monitor and Adjust

Make informed energy decisions in real-time. Stay up to date on market trends, regulatory changes, weather insights, and breaking news.   

strategic energy solutions and customer service

We understand what it takes to drive value through unique hedging strategies by offering fixed, index, and managed natural gas and electric products.

Cloud Based Energy Management Solutions

We will help you take charge of your facility with energy reporting, invoice management, budgeting and data analytics. 

Market Intelligence

Making informed energy decisions takes time. This is especially true when it comes to keeping up with energy news and market trends. Aggressive Energy addresses this disconnect and makes it easier for you to become an informed consumer of energy by delivering market data directly to your inbox. 

Energy Sustanability

Become part of the solution and help your company achieve its sustainability goals. Our energy experts will help you identify opportunities to reduce energy and emissions, track sustainability projects, and benchmark energy savings after improvement. 

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