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Super charge your business. Aggressive Energy helps businesses and real estate managers, install and launch smart electric vehicle charging solutions designed to meet your specific budget and needs. Speak with an EV charging expert now and take advantage of all local incentive programs and discounts. Fill out the form below or contact us at 888-836-9222 for more information. 

See If You Qualify For New York State Rebates & Incentive Programs 

Don’t waste time reading through paper work. Aggressive Energy will help you find out if you’re qualified within a few short minutes. As a qualified vendor across multiple state programs, Aggressive Energy will guide you every step of the way as you install and manage your new EV charging stations. We will also make sure that you are taking advantage of every incentive and state tax credit available!

Current NY State Incentives: 

Charge Ready NY: Provides rebates up to $4,000 per Level 2 charging station installed. 

New York Make-Ready: Rebates for Level 2 and DCFC charging station infrastructure upgrades. 

New York State Tax Credit: The New York State vehicle tax credit provides up to $5,000 of tax deductions for the purchase and installation of a new EV charging station. 

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EV Charing Stations are Ideal For The Following Businesses

    • Apartment Buildings – Businesses – Commercial Real Estate – Retail – Hospitality – Transportation Hubs

New York State EV Charging Stations 

New York State is accelerating the move towards electric vehicle ownership by incentivizing businesses and multi-dwelling building owners to install EV charging stations. New York’s goal is by increasing the number of charging stations throughout the state, it will become easier for New Yorkers to purchase and drive electric cars.

Businesses and multi-dwelling building owners can attract new customers and tenants while helping New York reach its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

The best part is businesses and property owners can take advantage of NYSERDA and utility rebate and incentive programs which will help offset the cost of the project to allow for maximum return on investment. Clients also have the option to bundle multiple incentives which can result in up to 100% of the initial investment being covered. 

New York City fully supports the use of electric vehicles, which offers a cleaner form of transportation rather than gasoline or diesel-fueled vehicles. The International Energy Agency predicts by 2030 more than 30% of sales in the U.S. will be electric vehicles.


Current New York State EV Charging Incentives

As we transition to an electric charging infrastructure many companies and utilities are offering rebates and incentives to help businesses and property owners along the way. Below are the current New York State EV charging incentives to help businesses and property serve as an attractive charging destination for current electric vehicle owners: 


NYSERDA has implemented one of the most incentivizing EV rebate programs to help New York reach its goal of a forty percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

What is the NYSERDA Rebate Program? 

NYSERDA has released the Charge Ready NY program which provides rebates of $4,000 per Level 2 charging station port installed. These Level 2 EV charging stations must be installed in public, workplace, or multi-unit dwelling parking lots. An additional incentive of $500 per EV charging port may be awarded for installation within certain communities in the state of New York. 

Based on data released by NYSERDA this incentive program can cover anywhere from 30% to 80%, depending on the station and installation costs. 

Where Can NYSERDA EV Charging Stations be Installed? 

There are certain restrictions regarding where EV charging stations must be installed in order to be eligible for the NYSERDA rebate program. Charging stations must be installed in one of the following types of locations: 

Multi-Unit Dwelling: a multi-unit dwelling site is a parking facility with at least eight parking spaces that primarily serves a multi-unit dwelling with five or more housing units. 

Public Parking Lot: a parking lot with at least ten parking spaces open to the general public for at least twelve hours per day, and at least five days per week. 

NY Workplace: a parking lot with at least ten parking spaces that primarily serves employees who work at or near the parking lot. 

Additional NYSERDA Rebate Information 

  • Charging stations installed at public workplace sites must be “networked”, or able to connect to a network that can collect data and process payments. 
  • NYSERDA recommends reaching out to your local utility if you have plans to install an EV charging station. 
  • Businesses and property owners can bundle the NYSERDA Rebate Program with incentives being offered by local utilities. 

Current Utilities Offering EV Make-Ready Incentive Programs

    • Central Hudson – Con Edison- National Grid – NYSEG – RG&E – Orange and Rockland

Con Edison Electric Vehicle PowerReady Program

Con Ed is offering incentives that will offset up to 100% of the electric infrastructure costs associated with installing light-duty chargers for electric vehicles. Below are the current Con Ed EV charging station incentives. 

PowerReady Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Program 

Businesses and property owners may be eligible for incentives when installing Level 2 and/or direct current fast charging chargers for light-duty vehicles. These Con Ed incentives are aimed to reduce infrastructure costs associated with preparing your site for electric vehicle chargers and receiving service from the grid. 

Certain areas in New York are eligible for higher incentives when installing fast-charging sites and multi-level 2 sites. 

Stack Your Con Ed PowerReady Incentives with These Programs

  • NYSERDA Rebate Program: Receive a $4,000 rebate for each Level 2 charging port you install at your multi-dwelling building, public, parking facility, or workplace. 
  • New York State Tax Credit for Public and Workplace Charging: Receive a tax credit of up to $5,000 for the purchase and installation of an electric vehichle charging station through the end of 2022. 
  • New York State Municipal Zero-emission Vehicle Rebate and Infrastructure Grants: Provides grants to cities, towns, villages, and counties in New York to purchase electric vehicle supply equipment for public use. The maximum award for any facility is $250,000. 

New York State Tax Credits

Receive a tax credit of up to $5,000 for the purchase and installation of an electronic charging station through the end of 2022. 

Who is Eligible for the NY State Tax Credit Program? 

Businesses and property owners may be entitled to a nonrefundable tax credit for investments in new alternative fuels vehicle refueling property or electric vehicle recharging property for tax years through the end of 2022. 

How Much is the Tax Credit? 

The credit for each installation of property is equal to the lesser of $5,000 or 50% of the cost of property less any cost paid from the proceeds of grants that:

  • is located in New York State;
  • is used 50% or more during the tax year in a trade or business carried on in New York State;
  • constitutes alternative fuels vehicle refueling property or electric vehicle refueling property; and
  • has not been paid for from the proceeds of grants awarded before January 1, 2015, including grants from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority or the New York Power Authority.

Finding the Right EV Charging Station for Your Business

1) Tell us about your goals 

Fill out a short online form about your property type and an EV expert will reach out to start to create your design

2) Receive your no obligation quote

Once you speak with our EV design team to discuss your needs you will receive a no obligation price estimation including eligible rebates

3) Site Visit

Once approved, our energy technicians will visit your site to inspect your current power capacity and determine your installation plan 

4) EV Station Installation 

Our EV installation experts will coordinate the installation of your new stations as well as the connection to the utility

5) Software Installation and Support

Once the EV stations are live we will install all required software and continue to provide on going maintenance 

Aggressive Energy EV Charging Solutions

EV Charging Station Hardware

Owners have the option to purchase the EV charging station outright or lease. Aggressive Energy offers three types of EV Chargers: Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. 

Software Instillation

EV charging station owners can manage their stations from their laptop or smartphone. 

Maintenance Service

Built in maintenance service which covers the first five years of on-site service. 

Why Aggressive Energy?

It doesn’t matter if you are a private real estate owner or the manager of a grocery chain our flexible charging solutions can help you attract new consumers and grow your business. We find EV charging stations to be a great addition to residential parking lots, grocery stores, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, and so much more. 

Our promise as your partner: 

  • Our customers simply don’t waste time. We will streamline the process from start to finish including filling your rebate and incentive forms. 
  • Aggressive Energy will provide custom solutions to meet any need and budget. 
  • Customer service is our top priority and you can always reach out to us online or by phone 24-7. 

Let's accelerate the move towards a brighter tomorrow.