Aggressive Energy
Small Business Electricity Rates and Natural Gas Plans

Don’t let your small business get caught off guard by rising energy costs. Find out why Aggressive Energy is the best electricity supplier for small businesses. Our fixed-price business electricity plans provide structure and budget certainty during volatile months. 

Small Business Energy Plans: 

  • Electricity 
  • Natural Gas

We take pride in offering client-centric services with a team of energy experts available to you 24/7. 

Aggressive Energy is
Energizing the Northeast,
Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest.


Benefits Of Choosing a Small Business Energy Provider

1) Eliminate Upside Risk

Fully hedged small business electricity and natural gas products offer protection from market volatility  . 

2) Budget Certainty

Lock in your electricity and natural gas pricing for the duration of the contract 

3) 100% Small Business Renewable Energy

Take the first steps towards reducing your business’s carbon footprint

4) Cloud Based Energy Solutions for Your Small Business

Use of Energy Solutions 360 platform to streamline your small business energy costs

5)  Maximize Energy Efficiency

We will help identify efficiency opportunities to reduce energy consumption

We understand the challenges of being a small business owner. That's why our small business energy plans will provide budget certainty while eliminating unexpected spikes. Having a trusted energy provider as your partner can add to your bottom line.

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Small Business Energy Budgeting

Compare electricity prices for small businesses, and never be caught off guard by your yearly energy budget again. 

Aggressive Energy will asses the competitiveness of your current small business energy rates, and understand your consumption patterns to tailor a custom energy budget. 

Annual Energy Assessment

Our energy solutions don’t stop once we onboard you. Our team of energy experts will give you ongoing account management to help keep your small business energy budget on track. 

All Small Business electricity and natural gas clients receive a yearly assessment to review energy savings and to continue to plan for the future. 

Renewable Energy For Small Business

Become part of the solution and help your small business achieve its sustainability goals.  Aggressive Energy will help you stay up to date on the best clean energy for businesses. 

Our small business clean energy experts will help you identify opportunities to reduce energy and emissions and purchase 100% renewable energy credits. 

Tailor Your Small Business Renewable Energy Needs

Cloud Based Energy Management Solutions

We will help you take charge of your small business with energy reporting, invoice management, and budgeting. 

Market Intelligence

Making informed energy decisions takes time. This is especially true when it comes to keeping up with energy news and market trends. Aggressive Energy addresses this disconnect and makes it easier for you to become an informed consumer of energy by delivering market data directly to your inbox. You’ll never be surprised by your small business energy rates again. 

Talk to one of our small business energy experts at 888-836-9222 or fill a little bit about your energy needs and goals and an experience member of our team will get back to you shortly.