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How Do I Sign Up for Natural Gas Supply?

1.  Create an account with your local utility

If you have not already done so, you’ll need to call your local utility company to create an account and receive an account number. You can skip this step if you already have a utility account number.

2.  Check to see if you’re under contract

Check your most recent utility invoice and locate your supply charge. If you see a supplier other than your local utility, you will need to call that supplier and ask if you are under contract. If you are, you will also want to ask if there is an early termination fee if you switch providers.

3.  Keep Your Utility Invoice Handy

I Once you have your local utility invoice, you’ll want to locate your utility account number. You’ll need this account number to sign up with your new natural gas supplier.

4.  Shop For NYC Natural Gas Rates

Use the First Choice Energy website to compare the fixed prices of natural gas in New York. Once you find the plan that fits your lifestyle and budget you can sign up using your account number using our online portal.

Choosing a Different Natural Gas Company in New York

How can I choose a different New York Gas company other than my utility? 

First Choice Energy makes it simple to shop for natural gas prices in New York State and sign up online. There will be no sign up fee and most important no interruption of service. 

How does this work? 

Your local utility gas utility owns the infrastructure in the street and will always deliver the gas to your home or business. First Choice Energy will supply that natural gas at a fixed rate to provide budget certainty.

The best part is there is no interruption in service when you switch New York Natural gas suppliers. The utility will continue to bill you at the end of each month. First Choice Energy will appear as a line item next to the supply portion of your utility bill. 

Why Choose First Choice Energy?

Carbon Free Natural Gas Supply 

First Choice Energy is a trusted energy supplier in New York with no hidden fees and variety of NYC electricity and gas plans for fit your budget. We allow you to bundle your electric and gas to provide a consistent monthly rate.

Easy sign-up process 

Our paperless sign-up process is very easy and straightforward, and can be completed in just a few clicks.

No interruption in service 

Compare rates and plans from one of the best New York state energy suppliers in just a few clicks. Sign up for your new contract with no interruptions in your current service.

Outstanding Customer Service 

First Choice Energy doesn’t only have competitive New York energy rates but we also provide outstanding customer service to all clients. All customer service requests are answered within 24 hours.

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Power Doesn’t Have to Cost the World

Signing up with First Choice Energy is the first step towards a better world. Unlike other gas suppliers in NYC all customers who choose to sign up for our fixed-rate natural gas plans will support renewable energy projects around the globe. 

First Choice Energy customers will always receive: 

  • 100% Renewable energy contracts 
  • Outstanding customer service 
  • No hidden fees 

If I Choose an NYC Natural Gas Supplier will I leave my Utility? 

NYC gas suppliers like First Choice Energy allow natural gas consumers to lock in fixed-price supply contracts. It’s important to remember the utility will always: 

  1. Deliver the commodity. (they are responsible for owning and maintaining the infrastructure to deliver the electricity and natural gas) 
  2. Your utility will continue to bill you for both supply and delivery. 
  3.  You will still call your local utility in case of emergencies! 

Do I Need a New York Natural Gas Company?

Natural gas suppliers bring competitive New York natural gas rates to the market. The option to compare natural gas prices in New York allows you to pick take control of your monthly energy budget. New York energy suppliers provide fixed-rate contracts, so you know exactly what your monthly supply charges will be. 

With First Choice Energy there will never be any hidden monthly fees or charges on your monthly supply bill. We will not deliver your natural gas to your home or small business.

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