Local Law 84: The NYC Building Owners Guide

Local Law 84 might seem like an inconvenience to building owners. However, Local Law 84 compliance isn’t as tough as it seems! To help you, we’ve put together a complete guide to NYC benchmarking and all the LL84 facts you need to know.

What is Local Law 84?


Passed in 2009, Local Law 84 is legislation from the Greener Greater Buildings Plan, which is a set of four energy efficiency laws focusing on New York energy usage. LL84 requires owners of large residential and commercial buildings in NYC to benchmark water and energy usage. All applicable building owners must submit their Local Law 84 benchmarking report to the city on an annual basis. All LL84 benchmarking data is sent to the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and used to create the NYC Energy and Water Performance Map.

How do I know if Local Law 84 applies to me?

NYC LL84 applies to all buildings larger than 50,000 square feet, and two or more buildings on a single tax lot that are larger than 100,000 square feet. The first step to Local Law 84 compliance is simply knowing when you are required to benchmark your building. You can learn this by checking the Local Law 84 covered buildings list each year. The list is sorted by the property’s 10-digit borough, block and lot number, or BBL. Checking to see if your building is on the list can easily be done by clicking the control key and the F key on your computer keyboard, then typing your property’s BBL into the search box. All companies on the list are required to submit their LL84 benchmarking report by May 1 of that year. Your property’s status may change from year to year, so always be sure to check the revised list when it’s released each February.

What if my property is on the Local Law 84 covered buildings list in error?

If you believe your property was included on the Local Law 84 covered buildings list by mistake, it’s likely there is a discrepancy between your records and what is written on the list. For further clarification or to dispute, send an email to benchmarking@finance.nyc.gov and include:

  • Contact name
  • Contact email address or telephone number
  • Applicable building(s) BBL
  • Reason for inquiry and/or dispute

Steps to creating your Local Law 84 benchmarking report

local law 84 benchmarking report


1. Create an account in Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Building owners are required to use the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s online benchmarking tool, Energy Star Portfolio Manager. There, you’ll enter and submit your building’s LL84 benchmarking data to the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. You’ll then receive your Energy Star rating, or Star score report, which measures your property’s energy efficiency.

2. Enter or update your information

If you’re submitting a building’s Local Law 84 benchmarking report for the first time, you’ll need to provide the required information. This includes the building’s size, year built, and primary and secondary building uses into the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. If you already have an account, simply review the information on file for your building and update if needed.

3. Collect and record energy data

data for local law 84

The easiest way to collect your building’s energy data is to request it from your utilities. They will then upload the data directly to your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. If your utilities has uploaded your property’s data before, all you need to do is check to be sure they’re still connected to your property. However, if your building uses energy that not provided by Con Edison or National Grid, you’ll need to create meters under the “Energy” tab as needed. Then, manually enter the property’s LL84 benchmarking data into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. You can do this by copy/pasting or uploading a spreadsheet.

4. Confirm and check for errors

Always double, or even triple, check that your information is correct before submitting. Especially your BBL and Building Identification Number, or BIN – if you don’t enter these in correctly, you risk facing a violation for not following Local Law 84 compliance. You can find your BBL and BIN on your Certificate (or Temporary Certificate) of Occupancy, which can be viewed digitally by using a real estate data website like Marketproof.  Use in the “Details” tab to check your building’s basic information. Then, check your submitted LL84 benchmarking data by clicking “Check for Possible Errors” under each building’s report summary.

5. Submit your report and save the confirmation

Once you’re done reviewing, it’s time to submit your NYC energy benchmarking report. Before entering your e-signature, be sure you’ve included any and all email addresses you want to receive a confirmation email. You should receive your confirmation shortly after submitting. If you don’t receive it by the next day, you may need to resubmit the report. You’ll want to save a copy of the confirmation email, the energy use information provided by utlitites, and the information you entered into your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for at least three years.

What to do if you receive a Local Law 84 benchmarking violation

local law 84 violation

Building owners will receive a benchmarking violation if their report is not submitted by the Local Law 84 deadline, which is May 1 each year. If you fail to submit by the deadline, you’ll receive an initial fine of $500 and will need to submit by the first day of the following quarter, which would be August 1. You can miss the quarterly deadline four times, with $500 added to each quarter’s fine. This means a maximum of $2,000 can be issued for failure to file after one year. If you receive a violation and believe it to be in error, fill out the NYC benchmarking challenge form and email it to sustainability@buildings.nyc.gov. The form has to be submitted within 30 days of the violation, so be sure to follow up if you haven’t received a response after a few days. 

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